Beecrazy Daredevil

The first-person drone that is not afraid of anything or anyone.

beecrazy daredevil

A tough chassis

The compact chassis with its exclusive design incorporates and protects the key elements of the drone (navigation instrument, camera, video transmitter). The carbon arms provide great strength that do not make you afraid to meet the trees violently!

Beecrazy Daredevil châssis

Speed, responsiveness

The Daredevil does not succumb to the current fashion of “folding arms”.
There are several reasons to explain that: To increase the rigidity of the chassis; To lose weight; To avoid risks that propellers collide when one arm is folded over the other one; To take off again immediately in case of mild shock.

An efficient assembly

The disassembly of the chassis is quick and easy and gives you an immediate access to key components of the model. The battery is placed in the lower central position and ensures an optimal center of gravity while avoiding damages in case of a severe impact.

Beecrazy Daredevil Montage

Exceptional components

Concerning the motorization and the electronic part, the Daredevil is powered by 4 powerful BCM1806-2300 KV motors associated with 5×3″ propellers. The Opto 16A controllers combine performance and compactness, less than 6g in ultra small size with the Simonk firmware. This is the assurance of having an ultra precise engine speed and thus an immediate reaction to the drone navigation orders.

A universal drone

The installed navigation instrument is a NAZE 32 Acro. We selected it for its universality, its adjustment possibilities and its wide user community. Originally, the card is pre-programmed with the parameters dedicated to the Daredevil. Of course you can modify and adapt them to your flight schedules, habits via the configuration interface. It is also possible to adapt another flight map like CC3D one’s.

Beecrazy Daredevil Composants

A ridiculous weight

As maneuverability is an important key in first-person drone competitions, the Daredevil is light, around 450g with a 3S 1300mAh battery. The battery’s location is designed to receive a 3S 1300mAh battery but it is possible to adapt the battery compartment via the pre cut dimensions of the chassis.

Daredevil Flight Test

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