Team Beecrazy

Beecrazy is primarily a drone passionate team and especially a FPV Racing one.

Having tasted a lot of products of the market (indoor aerobatics, Helicopter, VGM, F3A), FPR racing has become obvious. The dream of Icarus finally at our worn, be at the driver’s seat to allow the wildest flights and maneuvers!

Based in Dijon region, members of Team Beecrazy have associated their skills and experience to develop the Daredevil, a product designed and developed in France.

The founding members are also part of the Honeycraft company, which is responsible for the marketing of Beecrazy’s products.

Our goal is simple and guided by an ambition to create powerful strong and beautiful machines, because it is well known: Things that are beautiful flight well!

You have the same philosophy as us?
So join us and share your experiences, your thoughts and your wishes.